Cold Feet

Friday’s event at STRP was mildly chaotic. A too big hall for a small scale event, which led to skipping the second part which included a talk about Harold Schellinx about tapes he found over the years on the street.
Also on friday a conversation was started by Symbolic Interaction about our CD as Zebra. It was about sample clearance, and wether we had done so. No we didn’t and that resulted in the immediate with drawl of our release on that label, removal of digital version plus the request to take back copies I have at distributors and I even am not allowed to sell it a concerts. All of this in the event that somebody who thinks he may has copyrights may find out about this CD and then sues the label. Mind you, this didn’t happen, but in the event that it might happen. I am sure I say this on behalf of Roel too, but we are very sad about this decision, since this first CD by Zebra is a major thing for us, the true start of the project, a dear child from us. Quite Shambolic Interaction.


Back home

So I am back home, looking a great pile of stuff for Vital Weekly, of which I done already quite a few. This friday I’ll be in Eindhoven, presenting ‘Hiss… The Musical’, which is about cassettes in the 80s. It will have various people talking about the old days and there is of course live music. more here
Next week Wouter Jaspers and me are playing each a solo set in Leipzig, as well as an Ezdanitoff set. More info here
And then two solo concerts in Nijmegen (see flyer) and Arnhem at Tape. I’ll be doing, if all goes well, an all synth piece – i.e. no laptops.

More film

Wouter and me stayed very nicely in a sea view hotel in lovely Sonderborg and are now back in Berlin. Meanwhile another live thing from Wroclaw popped up on Youtube. It has again ‘The Lord Is My Shepherd’, that controversial song about sheep and ‘Giant Hill’, for those who like a bit more pop song. And yes, the big bear who hangs over a too low table, with grand daddy’s glasses looks aweful, but such is life. I managed to break those glasses today and got a new cheap one, but according to the hip Wouter a more hipper one.

On tour

I am now in Sonderborg with Wouter Jaspers and played a rather nice set this evening, with some public participation. Maybe a film soon, but for now this one:

The Whi – The Pictures


Ok, so The Whi was a large succes alround, (check out for a limited time only the live recordings at, and Danielle Lemaire, who organised Blushing 2 has photo’s and video’s, but some of these are posted her on Facebook thing. As we all know I don’t have Facebook, so I signed up to see thos epictures. I have not many intentions to become an active user, but I noticed there is more stuff that I should see (mainly to with myself) on Facebook, so there you go. Of course I couldn’t access Danielle’s part so still no picture of The Whi. There you go. And oh, if I was a nuisance to some last saturday, sorry.

Brombron 20

As you obviously know – should know – is that I am curating the Brombron project since 2000. I ask two musicians who probably never worked together to come to Nijmegen and work together for a couple of days in my studio and do some kind of live presentation. Which is followed by a CD some day. Today I picked up Olivia Block from the train station and tomorrow Thomas Lehn, who will both be locked up in my studio and this sunday will, hopefully, enlighten us with the results. An one-off concert this time, due to the short time frame, so come to Extrapool this sunday. Extra concerts are by Jasmina Maschina (half of Mimit, who are on Staubgold) who will play with Theresa Stroetges and there is Golden Disko Ship, an one-girl band with guitar, found objects and toys.
And the good news is that Extrapool has some more funding, so next year we’ll do another three Brombron projects, most likely Wouter Jaspers/Audrey Chen in January, Timo van Luijk/Ditterich von Euler-Donnersperg in spring and a third one as yet undisclosed.