Cold Feet

Friday’s event at STRP was mildly chaotic. A too big hall for a small scale event, which led to skipping the second part which included a talk about Harold Schellinx about tapes he found over the years on the street.
Also on friday a conversation was started by Symbolic Interaction about our CD as Zebra. It was about sample clearance, and wether we had done so. No we didn’t and that resulted in the immediate with drawl of our release on that label, removal of digital version plus the request to take back copies I have at distributors and I even am not allowed to sell it a concerts. All of this in the event that somebody who thinks he may has copyrights may find out about this CD and then sues the label. Mind you, this didn’t happen, but in the event that it might happen. I am sure I say this on behalf of Roel too, but we are very sad about this decision, since this first CD by Zebra is a major thing for us, the true start of the project, a dear child from us. Quite Shambolic Interaction.


About fransdewaard
Probably most known from his ongoing work with Kapotte Muziek (a group that fully concentrates on recycling through musique concrete) and as one half of ambient sound-artists Beequeen. As well as writing the informative and acclaimed weekly newsletter "Vital Weekly", Frans De Waard also founded the Korm Plastics label in 1984, initally only offering cassettes, but since 1992 offering an ever-growing catalogue of CDs and vinyl of contemporary experimental music.

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