Not so secret mix

If ever you were curious where I get my inspiration to do music all these years, you could tune into this mix at secret mix. Lots of great music by Dome, Five Or Six, Second Layer, The Orb, The Legendary Pink Dots and much more. With a list that details what it is all about…

tune in and drop out


Freiband/RLW split 7″ (lathe cut)


Today I received 3 copies of this lathe cut 7″ split with RLW as released by Psych.KG. We each have a four minute piece. Mine is quite atmospheric and I quite like it. Thirty copies were made. No doubt I’ll be releasing mine part of an anthology somewhere in the future.

Kapotte Muziek – Digital Magnetic Responses

available on Bandcamp

Scan 191

Kapotte Muziek – Curing Without Killing

available at Bandcamp


Frans de Waard – Archive One

available from Bandcamp

archive one

Freiband Live 2002

now available he


Captain Black – Not For Release: Vaults Volume One

available on Bandcampwordsound

Kapotte Muziek – Static Lines

now available on Bandcampa2632299101_2