Is a great new group with Bertin van Vliet with excellent synth music. Here is a clip by them, with my humble acting!


Now, quite contrary to my usual habit of writing twice on a single day here, I just thought of something else and I also to express my grief over the passing of Pete Namlook. I don’t have all of this CDs, but I do have have say 10-15 all time favorite – my favorite that is – Cds of his music. It was a lot more, and perhaps I should make time to play all of those favorites again. I have no idea if he was ill or something else, but quite a shock.

What I forgot is that I will have also two CDR releases soon, both which deal with the use of 4 cassette tapes. The first is a mix I did of a tape I reviewed in Vital Weekly which was presented as ‘here’s a four track tape, now you mix it’, which is right up my alley I think, so I did a whole bunch of variations, edited it quickly on the same day and it will be released by Orphanalogy in an edition of 23 copies, and unlimited downloads. It’s gonna be called “One Day I Got A Four Track Tape And Decided To Do My Own Mix”

The other release is Mutatis Mobilis, which started out when I did a short piece of the 25 years of Kapotte Muziek cassette, as Freiband, which one was urged to play as four track piece. I got a mix from Z’EV (and I am too afraid to tell him I lost his mix) and a very long piece by aalfang Mit Pferdekopf, which Attentuation Circuit released as a cassette and a CDR. I took the tape into the studio, recorded bits of it, took those home and created a whole bunch of raw sound pieces, which untimely ended up as 2 27 minute pieces, which one can put together use as four separate pieces and with an open invitation to mix. There will even be 15 copies available as a four track tape. Also for Attenuation Circuit. Complicated? Perhaps, but have a look at the ‘score’ above.


Yes, yes

I know, I am always way behind updating this website. October was quite busy with various concerts (Beequeen, Wieman, Kapotte Muziek, a solo performance on the release of ’45’18’, Freiband etc. Kapotte Muziek will play November 25th in Madrid, Spain at La Casa Enendida and Beequeen will play again in Nijmegen on December 10th at cafe Shamrock.

There is also a new/old Beequeen release on Bandcamp, the original demo for the Sugarbush album. I found the old DAT of that recently and Freek and me think it still sounds nice, although perhaps also a bit different than the album we finished with Mark Posyden. Get your copy here

Otherwise I am working on a whole bunch of new projects, which may include: A new collaborative work with Howard Stelzer reaching it’s conclusion (for Bocian Records), the start of mixing material recorded in September with Richard Francis, a new Freiband CD (probably for Takanobu Hoshino) based on canoe sounds friends of mine recorded for in 2005, small bits to the new most poppy CD by Beequeen, setting up major parts for a more ambient pop CD by the same band (duties are divided there), mixed material for at least two and half album for The Tobacconists (and waiting for Scott’s and Mike’s comments). Wieman has a track about DJ-ing for Esc Rec, and will expand their ‘Classic’ album into a 40 minute opus for Baskaru, and a solo piece with balloon sounds for Ballon & Needle (see picture). And to be released soon is a cassette on Ultramarine Records by Pick-up, perhaps our final work?

Wouter Jaspers and me are definetly playing more concerts next year again!