Freiband – Rob’s Beard

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In the last few days I have been reading the newspaper (various) about the plane that was shot down over the Ukraine. In a small country like The Netherlands it’s very likely you know either the victims or someone who does. I believe I do to – far away. Just reading about this also makes me very sad. Today is a national day of mourning and I decided to finish off something I have been working on for some time. For a long time I wanted to do a homage to ‘Children On The Hill’, a piano piece by Harold Budd, which was on the very first cassette I ever bought, in 1981. I always loved that piece, and a while I started processing that. From an endless amount of variations I choose a few that fit together into one piece, ‘Sorrow’, which I like to dedicate to the victims of plane MH17. It’s very quiet music, and designed to be played at a low volume and all silence in there is intentional. Music can’t help to overcome any grief, but perhaps it can enlighten, even just a little bit. Free album and please share anywhere you want.

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Fabio Orsi & Sindre Bjerga new CD on Korm Plastics

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Shifts – Five Pieces With No Particular Title

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Kapotte Muziek – Columbus, Ohio

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