Quite curious to see this



A 3″ CDR released by Kaon from Freiband, with treatments of Cedric Peyorennet’s catalogue of river sounds is out now. More info here. And as usual I have some copies to sell…

new releases on Korm, Plink and Moll

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Ini.itu happily announces the release of the first Freiband LP, of which I am quite proud. Its gamelan music treated in a strictly computer way on one side and analogue on the other. For a while I thought about doing it as a Freiband/Goem split LP, but for whatever reason I forgot, we decided against it. Maybe because Goem is dead & buried (until someone dangles big cash for our reunion concert – any takers?). I will copies of this album to sell soon.
Ini.itu also has a contest:
Because the release of our latest LP on ini.itu by Freiband ( Frans de Waard ) puts us in a good mood, we decided to launch a little contest.

The rules are simple :
1. check our website ( www.iniitu.net ) and find out our email adress there
2. send us a picture of a rusty metal surface that you shot yourself
3. share this on your profile

The best photographer will receive an LP 🙂

and the winning photo will be posted here too…

More talking heads

Rather late but I have been asked to talk about ‘working independently’ as a musician in a twenty minute lecture/performance/film thing next thursday. As of yet I have no idea what I will do. Maybe I’ll play a concert, show a short film, or do a powerpoint presentation on Korm Plastics, under the all unsurprising title of ‘State Of Independents’. Its organised by the Nijmeegs Ontwerp Platform, of whom I never heard. If you follow this link then you’ll read that the ‘fourth speaker will sign his own tune’: that must be me, added rather late to the programm. A more formal announcement here

No longer a drama

Today I got copies of the ‘Ocean Drama’ CDR on Songs From The Floorboards. It was repressed, but apparently had another error, so this is the third time around. Nobody is making any money here. I have very few copies for sale of this great disc.
Hanson Records will no longer release our LP, so its up in the air again. The good news is that the radioplay Scott and I recorded, ‘Smoking Is Green’ (in fact, very green), is to be broadcasted on June 26th at 0:00. It will online for a year or so. Check out their website and Worm, with whom this was arranged, will release it on CDR in the near future. Its surely a great work: I have it on my ipod and play it regularly…


Yesterday’s concert by Zebra, now called Wieman, was mildly chaotic due to circumstances: quick built up, no proper soundcheck, sun clouding our laptops, but we winged it. Maybe I’ll put this recording online. Today’s Freiband gig at Extrapool’s showcase at the same festival was cancelled, like the entire Extrapool program which is a pity since I wanted to play that ini.itu piece. Maybe there will be an option to present it somewhere else later on.
Best news is that Florian Cramer, who attended our Ezdanitoff workshop in Rotterdam made a small film about it. Talking is in Dutch but it surely gives a great impression of what a workshop looks like, so book us in your town to explain the curious nature of composition and improviation through ‘do-it-yourself’ methods.