Yes! something you should get to support a good cause. A double CD compilation with the benefits (5 euro per sold CD) will go the Red Cross for their work in Fukushima in Japan. You can find an extensive list of people who contributed. I have two pieces, older in fact. One (as Frans de Waard) is now called Xi Hya, which I don’t remember anymore what it translates as. It’s a piece I made for a local salon – people gathering to hear something about a subject. It was organized by Natasja van Geel here in Nijmegen and I did this piece based on deep space sounds, sounds of stars etc. The other piece is a very short, mono remix of a Russian (if I remember correctly) band called Minimal Boot. Its by Freiband and if I recall well from the Earlabs site. Maybe not. Its for sure from the extensive archive of unreleased Frans de Waard pieces! Lots of music here, lots of variation too. get it here