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Tobacconists Tour Schedule

The Tobacconists
Smoking Is Green 2012 Tour

Performing Smoking Is Green, a radiophonic opera as a staged drama

April 4th Extrapool, Nijmegen
also with Truus de Groot
April 5th Worm, Rotterdam
also with Truus de Groot
April 6th Tape, Arnhem
April 7th Melkweg, Amsterdam
also with Minny Pops, The Tapes, Plus Instruments and more
April 9th GUNTHER, oudaan 15, ruimte 33, antwerpen
April 10th Sonic Protest, France
April 11 Bristol, Cafe Kino, Stokes Croft
April 13 London, The Victoria, Daltson – with Call Back The Giants!
April 14 London, Cafe Oto, a small piece at the end of the evening, but not the opera! Surprise act, so its not on the website<


Great new poster

Smoking Hot Video

In two weeks from now I’ll be sitting down with Scott Foust and Mike Popvich to rehearse our Smoking is Green ‘opera’, and to warm you all up, Scott did a great video of it:

Mutatis Mutandis

from the forthcoming issue of Vital Weekly, kindly donated by its editor in chief:

Of course I am not the right person to say anything about Aalfang Mit Pferdekopf’s ‘Mutatis Mutandis’, since a little silly thing from me as Freiband was the basis of this. An one minute piece released on a cassette, which people could use to remix, preferably using a four track cassette. There is an unreleased piece by Z’EV, but only Mirko Uhlig has spend a lot of time with it. He’s back to using his old bandname, Aalfang Mit Pferdekopf, and there are three pieces here. One seems a straight remix of the original, followed by the title piece, which takes up thirty eight minutes. Here Uhlig takes the hiss of the original apart, adds sound effects, time stretches bits into long form drones, making an absolute great piece, ending a nice up in your face drone bit and even a short noise bit at the end – but hey of course I am not the right person to write such things. Close to the fire and such things. But to know such a short and hissy piece of loosely formed sounds can make such a great piece, I didn’t know. Excellent, but of course I am not etc. And, best coup about it, its also released on cassette. Now there is something to bring to your four track machine. I know I will!

get it here

Ultra start…

I will head out in an hour or so to Amsterdam (yes I know) to pick up a copy of the 2012 issue of Vinyl. I contributed an article on the current state of cassettes and a bunch of reviews. Plus a copy of Harold Schellinx’ boek on Ultra. This will be the start of the Ultra 10 days – with five evenings of live music next week. I will play with Roel, as Wieman (our first concert as such after changing our name), doing a Minny Pops special. Wally is singing on ‘Dolphin’s Spurt’ if all goes well. Thursday march 8th at Extrapool, most likely we are the act to start at 21:00. So don’t be late. For now, the first thing is this, picture above…