Now DATs What I Call Music

What in a fresh hell did you do now?

I wanted to get rid of old stuff, miniDiscs and Digital Audio Tapes and such for a long time. I no longer have the machines to play these DATs, so one day, two years ago, I borrowed these ancient machines and copied all the music onto a hard drive. The best next thing would have been to toss the lot in the bin, but then I thought about labels such as Vacancy Records and Hyster Tapes, recycling old cassettes. Why not do a Modelbau-only DAT release and miniDisc? The latter was easy, I only had 40, so I did something and gave them away. More than 175 DATs is a different thing. Why not start a label with DAT only’s and invite a couple of friends?

It turned out to be sixteen friends, or are there going to be more?

No, this is it, sixteen DAT tapes, varying from 16 to 120 minutes, released in an edition of 17 each. Every artist gets one, and I keep one, 15 for sale.

But who cares about a medium that no one can play?

Good question! You buy the tape and receive the complete music digitally via wetransfer from me. Not a Bandcamp link. You get the music in the same quality as I received it. 16/24 bits audio, WAV files. You can downgrade them if you want – not recommended.

That’s neatly elitist – 15 buyers!

Hold your horses. On Bandcamp, lovingly designed by Rutger Zuydervelt, who also supplied artwork, you’ll get something for free from each release. Once a DAT sells out, the music will be on Bandcamp in its complete form for the same price as I sell the DATs for. So, there is something to hear for all, and maybe one day for everybody.

But some will not sell at all.

Who knows? Of course, I hope people are adventurous enough to buy all tapes in one go at that lovely special rate of 8 euros per tape, or 128 euros in total, excluding shipping.

And the price per copy?

001 Roel Meelkop (90 minutes) 11 euro
002 calineczka (120 minutes) 12 euro
003 Modelbau (120 minutes) 12 euro
004 Orphax (34 minutes) 8 euro
005 Howard Stelzer (48 minutes) 9 euro
006 Coagulant (60 minutes) 10 euro
007 Rick Sanders (90 minutes) 11 euro
008 Nÿland/Verbeek (60 minutes) 10 euro
009 Craig Johnson (90 minutes) 11 euro
010 Radboud Mens (60 minutes) 10 euro
011 Mark Poysden (90 minutes) 11 euro
012 Tim Olive (15 minutes) 7 euro
013 Pool pervert (120 minutes) 12 euro
014 Martijn Hohmann (60 minutes) 10 euro
015 Jonathan Deasy (46 minutes) 9 euro
016 Vertonen (60 minutes) 10 euro

But, hey, man, I don’t want to be too difficult, but some of these boxes are dirty, broken, or have writing on them. What the …?

It’s a recycling label; what else do you expect? The covers are all freshly printed and wonderfully designed by Rutger Zuydervelt. Again, the old meets the new.

That sounds good; I’ll send you a demo for the next batch!

Great as that indeed is, these sixteen are ‘it’, no more releases for Now DAT’s What I Call Music.

And next? You’re doing reel-to-reel tapes/

Please don’t get me tempted there.

contact: to order them all


About fransdewaard
Probably most known from his ongoing work with Kapotte Muziek (a group that fully concentrates on recycling through musique concrete) and as one half of ambient sound-artists Beequeen. As well as writing the informative and acclaimed weekly newsletter "Vital Weekly", Frans De Waard also founded the Korm Plastics label in 1984, initally only offering cassettes, but since 1992 offering an ever-growing catalogue of CDs and vinyl of contemporary experimental music.

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