A small tour is happening for Ezdanitoff in Denmark, first weekend of March. Aarhus on the 4th, Herlev (above) on the 5th and the 6th perhaps in Copenhagen. Wouter and me will be touring with Vectral, who will play also solo music and do some live video to our music. Then I head back to The Netherlands to play on the 10th in The Hague with Roel Meelkop and Jos Smolders (and perhaps all together) and on April 8th with Roel Meelkop at Bosch in Arnhem (and perhaps also together). Still working on a date for Beequeen, The Legendary Pink Dots and The Use Of Ashes here in Nijmegen (Lux Theatre), somewhere May/June and Zebra is pitching to do some major support act business. More on that if it really really happens.


New Eco

Alright, so a bit of personal interest then. I worked hard the last two weeks and I decided to treat myself to a copy of the latest novel by Umberto Eco. I am a big fan of his two early novels, In The Name Of The Rose and Foucault’s Pendulum, especially the latter is an absolute favorite of mine. The best novel to explain Sir Karl Popper’s Poverty Of Historicism I think. His later novels were fine, but the new one, The Cemetery of Prague, seems to me more up my alley of secret societies, religious nutcases and such like. I started today, leaving work for a day, and so far I quite enjoy it. Back to reading now (oh, in Dutch of course!)

5 Films

We had a great time in Heerlen last friday and a great Kapotte Muziek recording, which we may release as a CDR somewhere. Our host Mike uploaded some films for this event, 2 by Kapotte Muziek and 3 by Zebra…