Apparently this was two years in the making but I received an invitation to participate in may or so, to do a cover of Peggy Lee’s Fever with Kapotte Muziek, but I decided to do with The Tobacconists. Scott sings and plays the trombones and I do the rest. The record is out now on Ultra Eczema and its great. A whole bunch of versions, spread out over a LP and a 7″. They spelled Tobacconists wrong though. I got 1 copy only, and its limited to 200 so if you want one contact Dennis real quick.



I am very happy to report the re-issue of ‘Interaction’. For many years I lost both masters and despite asking various people whom have a copy of this, I had to wait for Al Conroy of Not Half to step forward and sending me both tapes as digital file. Interaction was a two tape release, on two different labels, which one could play solo or together, with the option to freely mix both tapes together. Very much a Kapotte Muziek idea of that time – 1990. It comes, like two previous re-issues on Lunhare with a Freiband remix – two actually, one on each CDR. Lunhare has now re-released four CDRs of old Kapotte Muziek stuff and I am very grateful to them. Who knows, maybe more in the future!