Villa Fiasco

I have no idea actually why this is called Villa Fiasco, but this is a limited CDR release, subtitled ‘The Act Of Sampling’. A small booklet with a text by Herman van den Muijsenberg, Jos de Mol and me (the only one in Dutch, but in my defense, I thought it was all in Dutch). The CDR contains works based on a sample from a Vietnamese record. I have three remixes and last week I melted all of my samples into a live set, which I played at the presentation. Since I decided it all quite last minute its not on the poster (above). Who cares anyway? Classic click and cut music! You can listen to it here



Alright, so it seems I am pretty ;azy, maybe even I am. But work is hard, life is hard, winter is cold blah blah. Just to fill you on what I have been doing. I am working very hard (besides all the other things I always do, like Vital Weekly) on gettting our Tobacconists tour together. So far we have this:

April 4th Extrapool, Nijmegen
April 5th Worm, Rotterdam
April 6th Tape, Arnhem
April 7th Melkweg, Amsterdam
April 8th
April 9th GUNTHER, oudaan 15, ruimte 33, antwerpen
April 10th Sonic Protest, France
with some more dates coming, most likely in the UK, whenever somebody over there wakes up. We’ll be performing our ‘Smoking Is Green’ radiophonic work as an onstage opera. More Robert Ashley than Richard Wagner. The Tobacconists will be Scott Foust and me, obviously, and Mike Popovich of The Pickle Factory.
I have been creating some new work for us, like a new track for Sonic Protests double CD and a CD compilation for WFMU benefit (to be released by Nihilist) and a short 1 minute noise track for a US cassette compilation. When the boys are in town we will also work on our second LP, for which I already laid down seven new sketches.

This saturday I bring my laptop down to Extrapool to present some of my samples for Villa Fiasco. I participated in that project of sampling. Maybe some of the kids are interested. You never know.