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Brombron 20

As you obviously know – should know – is that I am curating the Brombron project since 2000. I ask two musicians who probably never worked together to come to Nijmegen and work together for a couple of days in my studio and do some kind of live presentation. Which is followed by a CD some day. Today I picked up Olivia Block from the train station and tomorrow Thomas Lehn, who will both be locked up in my studio and this sunday will, hopefully, enlighten us with the results. An one-off concert this time, due to the short time frame, so come to Extrapool this sunday. Extra concerts are by Jasmina Maschina (half of Mimit, who are on Staubgold) who will play with Theresa Stroetges and there is Golden Disko Ship, an one-girl band with guitar, found objects and toys.
And the good news is that Extrapool has some more funding, so next year we’ll do another three Brombron projects, most likely Wouter Jaspers/Audrey Chen in January, Timo van Luijk/Ditterich von Euler-Donnersperg in spring and a third one as yet undisclosed.