quartersActually I do play a lot of ambient house from the mid 90s on my ipod come to think of it. I guess I like it? Today I uploaded all the works I ever did as Quest/QST to a special bandcamp site and it has all the music that was released, inc an album of material from compilations, including remixes of Conrad Schnitzler, Muslimgauze and Kim Cascone and an entirely unreleased album of three long pieces and one very short. It’s called ‘Quarters’ and two commissioned pieces are ‘C.O.M.A.’ which I recorded for Sahko’s ‘Ambient Cities’ project in 1994 (and which I didn’t hear again until today when the EXCELLENT Tommi Gronlund mailed it to me) and a piece for Irmgard Trimbos, which was played in a theatre as the audience was entering. Maybe from 1995. I am pleased with this. It sounds like slightly more raw version of some of the other Quest/QST material, but still fine ambient music. Maybe I wish I had better tools in those days!