More TV

Today we taped the interview part of the TV programm, and I made a mistake in my previous post: the programm starts at 20:00 with the part of ‘De Muzen’, of which this is a summer special will start at 20:20, all on september 3rd and repeated for little over 24 hours, so total about 28 repeats. When it comes online I’ll post the link here.


Today we shot the first part of a small local TV documentary about me and my work. Since it will focuss on many different aspects of what I do, and not the scare away those who never saw anything out of the ordinary, we taped a small concert by Beequeen, performing three songs: ‘Breathe’, ‘Fine Day’ and ‘The Honeythief’. We did them about three times, with the second full version being the best, and the third for extra close ups and such. On my Beequeen archives blog there will be, tomorrow perhaps, that version. The next taping will be on wednesday when Bas will do an interview with me. All of which is scheduled for local broadcast on Nijmegen1 on September 3rd. Somewhere between 19:00-20:00 and will last about 25 minutes. It will be online somewhere too, I’ll post about it when time comes. The programm will be repeated 28 times, until september 5th, 0:00 CET.

Denmark concert

here is the flyer for the concert Ezdanitoff will play in November. The website is here. Wouter and I plan to play more concerts after that, in Scandanivia, Northern Germany, Poland and/or Czech Republic. Contact me if you can be of any assistence.

Zebra in Slovenia

Here’s a link to the festival in Slovenia where the next Zebra concert will be:


Someone left a comment on my Youtube film of White Bike. “tis suucks sooooooo much!!!!!!!”. To quote Tony Wilson: “You are entitled to an opinion, but your opinion sucks”.

new releases soon

Today I am sending two new productions to the pressing plant. The first is a compilation CD to celebrate 25 years of Kapotte Muziek and it contains various recordings from the long weekend in february with pieces by Radboud Mens, DMDN, Asmus Tietchens, Asra, Jos Smolders, Howard Stelzer and Kapotte Muziek. The other new release is by Flim, his first release in some years and the third on Plinkity Plonk. Quite modern classical stuff there. More on these when they are out, hopefully this month

This says enough, I guess