We Bring Light – indeed


I just received copies of the very first Ezdanitoff CD ‘We Bring Light’. In Seeptember 2010 Wouter visited Nijmegen a couple of days, preparing some things which I forgot, and we stayed a day of 2 (or 3, perhaps) in my studio at Extrapool recording with analogue synthesizers and sound effects. Wouter mixed a couple of tracks which we released as a 3″CDR to sell on the road in Denmark and Lithuania, and then early 2011 I mixed those four plus 3 more for the ‘complete’ version. So these are a bit different. I added some more synths, some more effects, field recordings and superimposed two pieces into one (‘Our Russia’) and think this is a great CD. Jos Smolders did the master, Rutger Zuydervelt created a fine cover, and Silentes from Italy released it. I have some copies to sell. Synthimental love songs!