Losta news

It seems like I was on holiday, but actually I wasn’t, or not really. But lots of things to report. First of all, the cassette, split, with Richard Ramirez was released, in an edition of 31 copies. I have 3 to sell. The Kapotte Muziek is a slightly edited version of our concert in Heerlen earlier this year.

A great review appeared of my Freiband LP here

Thanks with the great help of Francisco Lopez I sold old stock from my ‘mailorder’ to an archive in Murcia, Spain. That was a great clean-up, so finally I could do what I always wanted: put them in order, with a number on them, and generally clean up my dirty database. It took three days, but I am now happy to say that 99% of what supposed to be in stock is actually in stock. And now for some discipline to maintain this. Thanks to great help of her

I just approved the release of ‘The Many Names Of’ compilation cassette – more on that later.

The Tobbaconists LP will be released by a new label called Economy of Language, and lo and behold, it might be a 2LP set, inc our radioplay. That is the best news in ages!

The correct pressing of the Idea Fire Company 7″ just arrived, so more work looming – you see never a dull moment.


A 3″ CDR released by Kaon from Freiband, with treatments of Cedric Peyorennet’s catalogue of river sounds is out now. More info here. And as usual I have some copies to sell…

new releases on Korm, Plink and Moll

simply follow this link


Ini.itu happily announces the release of the first Freiband LP, of which I am quite proud. Its gamelan music treated in a strictly computer way on one side and analogue on the other. For a while I thought about doing it as a Freiband/Goem split LP, but for whatever reason I forgot, we decided against it. Maybe because Goem is dead & buried (until someone dangles big cash for our reunion concert – any takers?). I will copies of this album to sell soon.
Ini.itu also has a contest:
Because the release of our latest LP on ini.itu by Freiband ( Frans de Waard ) puts us in a good mood, we decided to launch a little contest.

The rules are simple :
1. check our website ( www.iniitu.net ) and find out our email adress there
2. send us a picture of a rusty metal surface that you shot yourself
3. share this on your profile

The best photographer will receive an LP 🙂

and the winning photo will be posted here too…

Lux In Wonderland

Two things

First of all, this Friday there will be a solo concert by me, and a solo by Roel and a Kapotte Muziek concert at Bosch in Arnhem. Check this

I just received some copies of the Tobacconists ‘Ocean Drama’, the long version. Its released by Songs From The Floorboards, a more than excellent side division by Intransitive Recordings. They look damn fine professional, and Karla Borecky did a great job on the cover. There has been a manufacturing error, which means that the copies I now have contain audio data and not music. Fine to play in a computer. Extended info here

Scott and me are now working on a radio play ‘Smoking Is Green’, with lots of previous music work mixed with spoken word and even songs. Its for Dutch radio 6.

Penus Rectus

This is the title of three 90 minute cassette release from the 90s put out by my old friend Peter Zincken. Kapotte Muziek has a track on there. Its now re-released, partly on CD and 7″. Oddly enough the 7″ has a tracklist, but not the CD. Kapotte Muziek is track 8. I asked for tracklist from the label but no reply. Odd. If you like harsh noise, this the place. I have some for sale.

New Cassette

Today I got, finally, my copies of a cassette release, a split with Carlos Villena. He runs the label that released it, Mantricum. Late 2009 he approached to do some collaborative work and I work quickly on a piece based on his radio sounds. The idea was that it was it was to be a CD in an edition of 200 copies. I think the Freiband work, all computer based, fits best on CD or CDR. It was to be out soon (February last year). But it didn’t happen. In November it was still announced as a CD, so much to my unpleasant surprise, it became a cassette. I probably whined too much as Villena announces also a CD version of it, in an edition of 100. I have some for sale.

Spartak remix

from the label: A long time coming – this cassette (named ‘Version Room’ in homage to classic dub works) sees Spartak hand over each pieces from their first album ‘Tales From The Colony Room’ to be reworked and abstracted by some of their favourite artists from the last few years, going hand in hand with their openess to collaboration. Flirting between minimal electro-acoustic music to heavily processed noise, the seven deconstructions by Pillowdiver, Cleptoclectics, Tomasz Bednarczyk, Freiband, Lawrence English, Lim-Klumpes and Jasper TX are glorious explorations of new ideas within Spartak’s already unique sound.

This release comes in a trademark Stumptown Printers Brad! Pak (recycled brown) with two insert cards letter-pressed by Ben Owen at Middle Press and purchase also includes immediate download in your choice of 320k mp3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.

I have some for sale too!

7″ single

In that big rush of everything coming together at the end of the year, I just received copies of my split 7″ with Howard Stelzer. Its released by Absurd, and its their final release. That’s a pity. Absurd was also responsible for the first ever CD by Kapotte Muziek. They also released my first collaborative work with Howard Stezler, Torn Tongue Vol. 1. This 7″ is a further extension of it. The official press text reads as follows:
“using as source material sounds of each other and previous versions of ‘torn tongue’ frans de waard & howie stelzer created a two stunning electroacoustics which work as a farewell to absurd (it’s official final release) and the first release of one of noise-below’s new projects ‘πτÒματα κ¿τω απfi το κρεββ¿τι’ (free form translated as ‘corpses underneath the beds) fited in one of absurd’s fave mediums the 7″ housed in a butterfly shaped sleeve!”
They look great! I have some copies for sale.