Next concert, this friday

Cold Feet

Friday’s event at STRP was mildly chaotic. A too big hall for a small scale event, which led to skipping the second part which included a talk about Harold Schellinx about tapes he found over the years on the street.
Also on friday a conversation was started by Symbolic Interaction about our CD as Zebra. It was about sample clearance, and wether we had done so. No we didn’t and that resulted in the immediate with drawl of our release on that label, removal of digital version plus the request to take back copies I have at distributors and I even am not allowed to sell it a concerts. All of this in the event that somebody who thinks he may has copyrights may find out about this CD and then sues the label. Mind you, this didn’t happen, but in the event that it might happen. I am sure I say this on behalf of Roel too, but we are very sad about this decision, since this first CD by Zebra is a major thing for us, the true start of the project, a dear child from us. Quite Shambolic Interaction.

Working With Wouter

This early afternoon Wouter Jaspers left for Berlin after two days of quite intense being together. We worked on new material which should be the first Ezdanitoff CD, mainly recording on the various synths and effects in my studio. We looked a bit at mixing, but there is a lot of work to be done on that – my task for now to sprinkle some of the Ezdanitoff magic on these recordings. But first there is work to be done for a new piece by The Tobacconists for a new year cassette and to think about Jos Smolders’ birthday where Zebra will play.

Last weekend

The travel to Slovenia was not without problems. Easy ones, like missing flights on the way there and delays going back, heavy rainfall in Slovenia for the entire time, but the concert went pretty well. It will be edited a bit and get fresh songs for a b-side and then its going to be released on Limbabwe. Upon return I went straight into a car to Duisburg to play an afternoon concert. Danielle Lemaire drove me and shot this video, which I present unedited. Its a really low quality looking here on Vimeo, so I must see about redoing it, or perhaps even edit it. But the surroundings of this open air thing were nice, as can be seen…

New Releases & Concerts

Right now I’m preparing to leave for tomorrow’s flight to Slovenia to play at the Shina festival with Roel. We will play our Martin Hannett thingy and add a little surprise – we hope – for the organiser, being Mat. He used to live in Venlo, just as Roel did in the same time, and he was running the excellent Limbabwe label. So you can figure out what the surprise will be.
Right after I get back – no rest for the slaves – I will be going to Duisburg on Sunday to play a small concert as part of the Brachen Siedlung – an exchange between Arnhem, Nijmegen, Essen & Duisburg. Things will start at 14:00 – my cue point. It will be short. I’ll be taking my latest purchase:
Also two new CDs have been released on Korm Plastics, Flim’s brilliant ‘Orange’ CDEP and ’25 Years Of Kapotte Muziek’, a compilation from the small festival earlier this year. Order both and get a small discount.

Zebra in Slovenia

Here’s a link to the festival in Slovenia where the next Zebra concert will be: