follow this link and until tonight you can watch the show, albeit the whole hour thing. the interview with starts around minute 27 and lasts 26 minutes. when its proper online I’ll post another link

Denmark concert

here is the flyer for the concert Ezdanitoff will play in November. The website is here. Wouter and I plan to play more concerts after that, in Scandanivia, Northern Germany, Poland and/or Czech Republic. Contact me if you can be of any assistence.


Well, now moving to here

Recently I have been in contact with Wouter Jaspers a lot and he suggested I should have a website that ends all the various websites I have, so it would be more ‘professional’, ho-hum. He guided me through this wordpress thingy and then here it is. I still have to fill in a few blanks here and learn a bit more about how these things go, but let’s start.

Otherwise there is not much news to report. Freek is still mixing the new Beequeen with Erik Drost, I still have to finish my record for ini.itu, Scott and me are still looking for a label for the best LP ever (The Tobacconists – Smoking Is Green), still looking for gigs for Ezdanitoff (contact me right away), etc etc. Thank god its less sunny so I can finally move about again.