The Whi

As you can see The Whi will play in Extrapool. The Whi uses the wii rock band thing to play some old/all time classics, and consists of Roel Meelkop (drums), Puck Schot (guitar), Ben Schot (vocals) and Frans de Waard (bass), plus perhaps some more machines. Perhaps an one-off.

Last weekend

The travel to Slovenia was not without problems. Easy ones, like missing flights on the way there and delays going back, heavy rainfall in Slovenia for the entire time, but the concert went pretty well. It will be edited a bit and get fresh songs for a b-side and then its going to be released on Limbabwe. Upon return I went straight into a car to Duisburg to play an afternoon concert. Danielle Lemaire drove me and shot this video, which I present unedited. Its a really low quality looking here on Vimeo, so I must see about redoing it, or perhaps even edit it. But the surroundings of this open air thing were nice, as can be seen…