Port Out Starboard Home – New Beequeen CD

Good news! The brand new Beequeen album PORT OUT STARBOARD HOME will be available from Important records, USA in the first week of September 2011. Just in time for the Russian tour. The front cover art of the album is pictured here. We have worked long and hard on this album, which we feel is our best one so far. If you want to pre-order your copy, please send an e-mail to frans@beequeen.nl


Freek and I just bought plane tickets to go to Russia, mid October. If all works out we are doing this:
12th Wander in St. Petersburg (venue to be confirmed)
13th Beequeen in St. Petersburg (venue to be confirmed)
14th Beequeen in Yaroslavl (venue to be confirmed)
15th Beequeen in Moscow (at Dom)
16th Wander in Moscow (venue to be confirmed)
this means the first Wander concerts since 2003! More info later, and if you think you can be of any help, please contact me or Dmitry, also for any requests for interviews.

Just released by Auto-badau kassettenmanufaktur an untitled compilation cassette with lots of noise, and even The Tobacconists go out into the field of noise with their ‘Poor Man’s Music’, a short noisy piece.

Lux In Wonderland

Beequeen concert

On tour

I am now in Sonderborg with Wouter Jaspers and played a rather nice set this evening, with some public participation. Maybe a film soon, but for now this one:

A Fine Day

Today the weather  is really lovely – really my kind of weather. About twenty degrees, very sunny, some clouds, hardly any wind, so I went out on my battered old bike, going outside into the woods around Nijmegen and did a long ride. A lovely ride indeed. I left the house uploading the video from yesterday and now’s it ready. So anyone who missed that can watch it now on Vimeo. Not the greatest quality, but there you go. And no there is no translation or subtitles available:


follow this link and until tonight you can watch the show, albeit the whole hour thing. the interview with starts around minute 27 and lasts 26 minutes. when its proper online I’ll post another link