This Is Supposed To Be The Year That Was


With all the dead pop stars and the rise of populism (or fascism as some call it), one could easily say 2016 was a terrible year. I must admit I didn’t shed any tears over any dead celebrity; some I liked a lot, like Umberto Eco, but 82 is a fine age. And be realistic: with more and more pop stars than ever before, more of them are bound to die in the years to come. And what mighty geniuses will depart; obviously the ones you think that are living fossils while among us, but once dead will a ‘tragic loss’. As of writing this, all members of Fleetwood Mac are still alive, so that’s good news.

And on the same subject, a year is not a living entity – ‘2016 took so much from us’ – it’s not some bad guy out of a Stephen King book.

If you followed what I did in 2016, it may be no surprise that the release of my book ‘This Is Supposed To Be A Record Label’ was my absolute highlight. I am still over the moon about it, as it sold pretty well for a niche book and got some great reviews. The downside is that the former boss of Staalplaat, the real honcho, was less pleased when he saw the announcement and claimed, without having read the book at all, that I was out to re-write history. He wrote the publisher a nasty e-mail saying “His (my – FdW) own sublabel was no success, and you can better not write about it. (you know of any frans de Waard artist??, no? i wonder why)”, so there you go h3o, The Legendary Pink Dots, Machinefabriek, Merzbow, Jos Smolders, KK Null, Frank Bretschneider –  it would have been better to call me a rip-off label. I wish he had actually read the book, and then he might think: ‘Bloody hell, that’s what we did, and we had the best and the worst of times’, and celebrate his achievements in that way. Needless to say, we are no longer in contact.

The book launch at the OCCII was a great night out, with excellent live music, beer and bullshit. The picture above is me holding the book, next to me is the publisher.

Other highlights for this year include a great WaSm concert in Rotterdam and a fine one in Amsterdam, the tour I did with Sindre Bjerga, performing as our new duo Tech Riders (with Eindhoven my favourite gig of the tour). Tech Riders played a fixed set of 8 pieces, which I guess is something different for Sindre; I didn’t want another improvisational duo, so we prepared some pieces via e-mail and shaped them together on the day of the first performance. On the road I bumped into Wouter Jaspers for another Ezdanitoff concert. We do more next year. Playing the first concert as QST was an interesting experience. Not many people showed up, but all the better to try out something entirely new. I made some mistakes, it worked fine, I’ll surely do it again. Roel Meelkop was there and hated it.

For 2017 concerts in Winnipeg (Modelbau, Ezdanitoff) in February, Ezdantioff in France (May), Tech Riders in Helsinki/Baltic States (Easter) and Modelbau in Germany (September) looks already very good. I’m sure more will follow.

On the release front, I am very proud of the release of the third album by The Tobacconists, released on LP as per the wishes of Scott Foust. Sharp biting rhythm and synths and mucho bass courtesy of Mike Popovich. Furthermore, the WaSm CD came out, and pretty proud of that too.

I read a lot of books, including Peter Hook’s latest about his time in New Order. I don’t think it’s very good; I wrote an extensive review in Dutch for the Gonzo Circus website. Philip Norman’s book on Paul McCartney I enjoyed. I also read a Stephen King book for the first time. And it won’t be the last.

I finished my own fantasy novel as a story, but now I need to rework it and edit it. Plus I wrote a couple of short fiction stories, with, let’s say, odd endings. ‘A bit like a high school paper’, said someone who read it.

I did watch a couple of films. I have forgotten which ones blew me away; probably none.

Music I liked:

RICHARD FRANCIS – COMBINATIONS #1 (cassette by Entr’acte)

ORPHAX – TIME WAVES (CD by Moving Furniture Records)

MEKANIK KOMMANDO – ~~~/++/+- (7″ by Tone Float)

FOVEA HEX – THE SALT GARDEN I (CDEP by Die Stadt/Headphone Dust)


ORPHAX – THE EMPTY ROOM (card by Broken20)





LE FORBICI DI MANITU – TINNITUS TALES (2CD, 10″, book by Sussidiaria)





Jim O’Rourke Steamroom bandcamp releases

Paul Haig – Metamorphosis (2CD on Les Disques Du Crepuscule)

Brion Gysin’s Dreamachine on Soleilmoon Recordings

No doubt there are more titles that could be added to this list.

An overview of concerts and releases.


13-05-2016 Extrapool, Nijmegen


05-09-2016 RuRu Huis, Arnhem


20-03-2016 Spektrum, Berlin, Germany


27-02-2016 De Reggehof, Goor

22-03-2016 Phonophon, Frankfurt, Germany

23-03-2016 K5, Augsburg, Germany

24-03-2016 Baustelle Kalk, Cologne, Germany

25-03-2016 Atelierhaus 23, Hamburg, Germany

27-03-2016 De Ruimte, Amsterdam

14-06-2016 Lion’s, Wolvega


26-02-2016 Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (Sonic Acts Festival)

05-11-2016 Pink Pank, Rotterdam (NZZN Festival)


21-03-2016 Madame Claude, Berlin, Germany

22-03-2016 Phonophon, Frankfurt, Germany

23-03-2016 K5, Augsburg, Germany

24-03-2016 Baustelle Kalk, Cologne, Germany

25-03-2016 Atelierhaus 23, Hamburg, Germany

26-03-2016 TAC, Eindhoven

27-03-2016 De Ruimte, Amsterdam


05-09-2016 RuRu Huis, Arnhem



‘To Each (Their Own) (remix)’ on split cassette with Lazlo Kovaks. Powdered Hearts ph 13


‘Action Composing 2/XI/2016’ (online by Les Horribles Travailleurs) remix of Les Horribles Travailleurs


CUBES (CDR, Reverse Alignment RA 29)


EEN (CD, Silken Tofu stx 49)

[The Tobacconists]

STREETLIGHT (Lp, Minor label 036, 200 copies)

[Destroyed Musc]

THE COMPLETE WORKS (online, Korm Digitaal KD 230)


JUDDER (cassette, Midnight Circles MC-19)


WANDER (online, Korm Digitaal KD 228) * Live In Extrapool, 13/5/2016


DEN HAAG [BEWERKINGEN] (cassette, Banned Production bp 241)

[Tech Riders]

‘First Contact’ on split with Sindre Bjerga (cassette, Barreuh Records casspl 004)


Live At Sonic Acts 2016 (download, Korm Digitaal)

[Tech Riders]

IN THE SKY (CDR, Gold Soundz gs #121)


VRIJDAG (CDR, Tentacles Of Perception, limited edition of 25 copies)


‘Trickle’ on untitled split release with Mike D’Amato (CDR, Altar Of Waste AOW 359, limited edition of 20 copies)

[Doc Wor Mirran]

MORTEL MACHINE MUSIK (10″ lathe cut, Marginal Talent talent twentyseven)


STURMWIND/GILBERT (7″, Tonefloat Records tf 157)


FOUR SQUARED WHEEL (CD, Moving Furniture Records mfr 029)


ALIVE FUTARIST MINIFESTA (CD, Korm Plastics/Attenuation Circuit kp 3062/acu 1005)


LIVE IN CYBERIA (download, Korm Digitaal kd 333)


Beequeen Sturmwind video

Yes! A real video!


Two new releases

Two new releases, one received yesterday, one today.

Both of these were made using similar principles of working, one that I use a lot for Freiband these days. I process large chuncks of sound without caring too much about details and when I have a bunch of these processed sounds (anywhere between 10 and 30, usually 15-20 minutes each) I will mix these together in a rather ‘blind’ way. Thus large form compositions arise. ‘Vrijdag’ uses sound sources by Slavek Kwi and Darius Ciuti, which I found on their bandcamp when writing a review about their work, and is the second day of the week that is now released. I already did ‘Zondag’. I plan a 74 minute work for every day of the week  (‘Donderdag’ is also finished in case anyone is interested). Slavek released this on a CDR in an edition of 25 copies.

From Mike D’Amato I received two short sound samples from which I created ‘Trickle’, along similar compositional lines. He created a work out of my sources, and the whole thing is released by Altar Of Waste, in an DVD box and in an edition of 20 copies.

Needles to say, I have very few to sell, first come, first served. I am probably able to ship this out tomorrow, before I will be out and about to tour for a week.


Wieman – Live In Cyberia

Our concert recording from Brussels in November launching our latest LP on ini.itu is now released on Bandcamp. Go here

Live in Cyberia2 copy.jpg

The Tobacconists – The Dark Secrets Of Doctor Perati

now available on Bandcamp!



Frans de Waard – Courriere

Finally a new CD out, and I am very proud of this baby! Read more here

MS78_Frans de Waard_Courrière_outside_FINAL

Freiband – Transition

transition kopie

now available on Bandcamp

Freiband – Early Rarities Volume 4

now available on bandcamp

freiband 4

Ezdanitoff – We Bring Light

Scan 194
Recorded and produced by Wouter Jaspers and Frans de Waard at Geluidwerkplaats Extrapool, Nijmegen, September 2010.
Playgrounds uses, with kind permission, sounds by Jos Smolders. Mixed by Frans de Waard, late 2010, early 2011.
Wouter Jaspers is endorsed by KOMA Elektronik.
Mastered by Jos Smolders at Earlabs. Cover by Rutger Zuydervelt.
Also available on CD by Silentes Minimal Editions SME1153
now available at Bandcamp

Howard Stelzer & Frans de Waard – After All

NaamloosAfter all these years, Howard Stelzer and me are still working together and essentially we still use the same material over and over again. Copy For Your Records just released a cassette with last year’s results of that ongoing collaboration and another one is in the works from Banned production, to be released soon. Edition of 50 copies.