Four Track


A while ago I wrote about an interesting tape release in vital weekly:

ENANTIOBIOSIS 1 (cassette by Bob Heaven’s Tapes)
And then finally a cassette that idea-wise is right up my alley: four bands have provided a piece of music that is copied to this tape so that the adventurous musician can stick it into his four track machine and do his own mix. So we have one channel on side A for Drekka, the other channel for Lather, and we reverse the tape and have Charnel House on the left channel and Kyle Willey on the right channel (estimated. I couldn’t decipher the cover properly). Not exactly something you stick on and listen, but rather something you can freely play around with. Long form drone like sounds with crude lo-fi sampling. Maybe a bit rough? Who cares? Where can we send our mixes, I wondered? (oh, and here’s a tip for those who don’t have a four track machine: record the entire cassette to your computer. Make two files, one per side of the cassette. But ‘side B’ in reverse mode, and import both into your favorite multi track program and start mixing)

A few days after I wrote this I went into my studio where I have 2 old four track cassette players, one normal speed (who actually belonged to Roel Meelkop) and a double speed one. Connected that to a mixer and some sound effects, and played around for some time, recording everything, went home and chopped up the entire 90 or so minutes into nine separate pieces with a total playing time of some 37 minutes and uploaded it to the guy who send me the thing. It’s been available as a download for some time, but now the CDR is available as part of the Orphanology series, under the letter ‘W’ of Frans de Waard. 23 copies have been made!


New old compilation

703715_4441771116459_1935578555_oMy review for Vital Weekly tells all, I guess, but here with how it looks like:

Most CDR releases don’t look that well, which is a pity, since if you don’t intend on doing a lot, you can make the cover into something special. Years and years ago there was a label called Petri Supply, run by a guy named Abo who was into more crazy aspects of screen printing. He’s back, sort of, but he always lends a hand to the Suitcase Recordings label when it comes to packaging. That label has been around also for some twenty years now, and for some of their recent releases they go back to the earlier days, such as the much delayed release ‘Paper & Plastic’ (see Vital Weekly 731), and here another compilation, but in fact a re-issue, well, half of it. ‘Complication Compilation’ was originally a double sixty minute tape in a LP sized piece of carton with lots of inserts, but here comes as a single 60 minute CDR in a lovely Abo package: various silk screened inserts, 10″ sized, which has the aura of handmade but still looking great (that’s a rare thing, I know). This CDR doesn’t follow either tape one or tape two from the original package. The four original sides were called ‘Scratched’, ‘Warped’, ‘Skipped’ and ‘Broken’, and from each side a few tracks have been picked for the CDR, according to a selection process that is a secret to us. It reads like a late 80s industrial music guestbook with Illusion Of Safety, Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock, Big City Orchestra and Kapotte Muziek still soldiering on, with the sadly deceased Minoy, with label partners Allfours and TAC, the disappeared (at least from my perspective) David Prescott and John Wiggins, and the forgotten Triptic Of A Pastel Fern Euthanasia and This Very Moment. Dark ambient industrial music, scratchy collage music, tape manipulation, and low resolution sampling devices (anyone up for some SK5 music – if you want what it is fine, if not, that’s ok). Looking at the original cassette line up – which I haven’t played in years – I think the second part should be released too – more great names and fine music, no doubt. Excellent package. (FdW)

2012 Round Up

Tobacconists9 kopieAnother year has passed, and no doubt I said it before: the older I get, the quicker it seems. As Basil Fawlty would say: ‘what’s that?”, ‘your life’ ‘can I have another one’ ‘no’. So what kind of year was 2012? Actually a great one, in terms of releases, concerts and assorted other events.


See below for a complete list for gigs I did this, with some particular high lights, such as Wieman at Extrapool at the Ultra event (which I think was without the best evening of concerts this year), Kapotte Muziek in Madrid was on great form (and might be released on CD next year), Freiband in Eindhoven, Wieman at ZKM and The Tobacconists in London. Some others we so so, such as The Tobacconists in Amsterdam (but as you can see from the above picture, great lights – thanks Jolanda for these pictures), which was an odd evening on all accounts and Beequeen’s concert at the Shamrock cafe in Nijmegen – which was like playing at a wedding.

18-10-2012 Bibiliotheek, Nijmegen
17-12-2012 The Shamrock, Nijmegen
Kapotte Muziek:
17-05-2012 Horbar, Hamburg, Germany FdW+RM (Blurred Edges Festival)
21-10-2012 Loft, Cologne, Germany FdW+PD+RM
25-11-2012 LaCasa Encendida, Madrid, Spain FdW+PD+RM
11-02-2012 Extrapool, Nijmegen
05-04-2012 HS63, Brussels, Belgium
02-11-2012 Artspace Flipside, Eindhoven
Frans de Waard:
21-10-2012 Loft, Cologne, Germany (performing “17’08”)
08-03-2012 Extrapool, Nijmegen (with Wally van Middendorp on vocals)
20-06-2012 Worm, Rotterdam (with Ben & Puck Schot)
11-10-2012 ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany
The Tobacconists:
04-04-2012 Extrapool, Nijmegen
05-04-2012 Worm, Rotterdam
06-04-2012 Tape, Arnhem
07-04-2012 Melkweg, Amsterdam
08-04-2012 Gunter, Antwerpen, Belgium
10-04-2012 Sonic Protest, Paris, France
11-04-2012Cafe Kino, Bristol, UK
13-04-2012 The Victoria, Daltson, London, UK
14-04-2012 Cafe Oto, London, UK (performing Scott Foust’s ‘The Drinker’)
09-06-2012 Etalage Derde Wal, Nijmegen


By long stretch I’d choose the Ultra CD as the best release on Korm Plastics/Plinkity Plonk this year, although I know I should be proud of all my babies, but that CD I think is great for its musical content and the great speed which everyone used to get it out before Ultra was over. I am also particular proud of the Goem CD, which made me think rather fondly of that project, and which I wouldn’t mind resurrect some day, providing someone would pay up for a solid concert and rehearsals.
Of the releases with my own music, I particular favorite the Tobacconists ‘Smoking Is Green’ LP/CD which was released on Mark Whelan’s Economy of Brevity label. It’s one of the few things I have on my Ipod of my own music (Zebra/Wieman is the only other stuff) as I simply think it’s great. Get a copy while they are still around. There is a Wander CDR on Zhelebeton, and technically from 2012, but I haven’t seen it yet. It will come.


SUGARBUSH – THE BEGINNINGS (download, Bandcamp)

[Frans de Waard]
soundcontribution to ‘Svopp’ by Nils Rostad on ‘Harmony Hammond’ (LP by Tallerk Plater)

[Frans de Waard]
‘Xi Hya’ on Benefiets For Japan (2CD by Licht-ung)

‘Minimal Boot Remix’ on Benefiets For Japan (2CD by Licht-ung)

Anthology 2 – THE COMPILATION TRACKS 1997-2007 (download, Bandcamp)

Anthology 1 – THE COMPILATION TRACKS 1989-1997 (download, Bandcamp)

ABOUT TURN (download, Bandcamp)

090620121520 (download, Bandcamp)

REGULAR OF LIGHT (download, Korm Digitaal 37)

STAINLESS STEEL HARD SOFTWARE (download, Korm Digitaal 40)

VILLA FIASCO (download, Korm Digitaal 39)

[The Tobacconists]
‘The Hotel Amnesia’ on The Eternal Now (CD, WFMU)

[The Tobacconists]
‘Great Times To Smoke [Edit]’ on Mind The Gap 96 (CD, Gonzo Circus)

[The Tobacconists]
‘Grand Entrance’ on Sonic Protest 2012 (2xCD by Bimbo Tower)

[The Tobacconists]
SMOKING IS GREEN (LP+CD by Economy Of Language brevity 001)

[The Tobacconists]
‘Superior Blend’ (3″CDR by My Own Little Label moll 048)

‘Huntingtowardsasayhowdines’, ‘Polychrotidates Poltroon’ ‘The Sun Is Warm, The Sky Is Clear’ on Villa Fiasco – The Act Of Sampling (CDR, no label)


Two weeks of intense smoking, drinking, rehearsing and recording with Scott Foust and Mike Popovich resulted in 9 concerts by The Tobacconists, but also lots of recordings which may result in a LP or two. I have been working on mixing some of it, and it’s getting shape.
Beequeen spend much of 2012 working on ‘Around Midnight’, easily the most pop-based CD I have worked on so far. It’s now in its mixing stages as we all have a preview CD of it so far. It’s very much a CD with Freek’s songs, so the next CD will be all more ambient pop and I have already started to record bits as a starting point for that. There is a Beequeen concert in Heerlen coming up, with Wander as a support act. Freek and I will prepare something.
Wieman will record some extra material for their ‘classic album’, which will be released towards the end of 2013.
Freiband is pretty far completing an album based on canoe recordings friends of mine did for me in 2005. I fear canoes!
My collaboration with Howard Stelzer, finally a full length again, is completed and will be released early 2013 by Bocian Records.
I have started to work on mixing some pieces I recorded with Richard Francis, and he’s working on mixing a few of the other pieces.

Assorted things

One of the highlights from this year was playing the alien in the video clip for Visitors ‘No Flash Photography’ was definitely great fun, and it looks great. I never realized acting was so difficult, even when you are (supposed to be) grumpy in real life.

I haven’t do a single thing on my phantasy novel and ‘the other book’. That one was stopped after trying to get a Dutch publisher interested, but as some said afterwards, it’s probably wiser to pitch your projects when a bit more sober. Probably they are right. So the only book project I worked on quite a bit, not not nearly enough is my book on my life at Staalplaat. Not ready to when I celebrate ’10 years without Staalplaat), upcoming in March 2013, but as with all such things: no promises. Although it would be great to finish all three books. I hate leaving things unfinished. Oh, and I was thinking it would be great to keep a diary for a year and reflect further on the musical things in my life. I must admit I have such thoughts every year and it rarely happens.

I gave up smoking on June 3rd, at 14:35 and if I drink too much I tend to go back, but the next day I don’t remember that all. Do I feel better? Nah. Although I finally have my epitaph: ‘I wish I never gave up smoking’.

I’ve been to 3 funerals this year, all three by their own hand. That’s too much, I was thinking. Anton Viergever’s death was surely the closest to my heart. I couldn’t have ‘saved’ him, but it’s sad that he is no longer around to make long late evening phone calls.

Oh and I never do top 10 lists at the end of the year, but this year I was very pleased with the Ramleh 8 CD set and the recent P16.D4 6CD/1DVD set, the Maciunas Ensemble 11 CD set and the Small Cruel Party 3CD set. All box sets. Curious. I must be getting old.


Is a great new group with Bertin van Vliet with excellent synth music. Here is a clip by them, with my humble acting!


Now, quite contrary to my usual habit of writing twice on a single day here, I just thought of something else and I also to express my grief over the passing of Pete Namlook. I don’t have all of this CDs, but I do have have say 10-15 all time favorite – my favorite that is – Cds of his music. It was a lot more, and perhaps I should make time to play all of those favorites again. I have no idea if he was ill or something else, but quite a shock.

What I forgot is that I will have also two CDR releases soon, both which deal with the use of 4 cassette tapes. The first is a mix I did of a tape I reviewed in Vital Weekly which was presented as ‘here’s a four track tape, now you mix it’, which is right up my alley I think, so I did a whole bunch of variations, edited it quickly on the same day and it will be released by Orphanalogy in an edition of 23 copies, and unlimited downloads. It’s gonna be called “One Day I Got A Four Track Tape And Decided To Do My Own Mix”

The other release is Mutatis Mobilis, which started out when I did a short piece of the 25 years of Kapotte Muziek cassette, as Freiband, which one was urged to play as four track piece. I got a mix from Z’EV (and I am too afraid to tell him I lost his mix) and a very long piece by aalfang Mit Pferdekopf, which Attentuation Circuit released as a cassette and a CDR. I took the tape into the studio, recorded bits of it, took those home and created a whole bunch of raw sound pieces, which untimely ended up as 2 27 minute pieces, which one can put together use as four separate pieces and with an open invitation to mix. There will even be 15 copies available as a four track tape. Also for Attenuation Circuit. Complicated? Perhaps, but have a look at the ‘score’ above.

Yes, yes

I know, I am always way behind updating this website. October was quite busy with various concerts (Beequeen, Wieman, Kapotte Muziek, a solo performance on the release of ’45’18’, Freiband etc. Kapotte Muziek will play November 25th in Madrid, Spain at La Casa Enendida and Beequeen will play again in Nijmegen on December 10th at cafe Shamrock.

There is also a new/old Beequeen release on Bandcamp, the original demo for the Sugarbush album. I found the old DAT of that recently and Freek and me think it still sounds nice, although perhaps also a bit different than the album we finished with Mark Posyden. Get your copy here

Otherwise I am working on a whole bunch of new projects, which may include: A new collaborative work with Howard Stelzer reaching it’s conclusion (for Bocian Records), the start of mixing material recorded in September with Richard Francis, a new Freiband CD (probably for Takanobu Hoshino) based on canoe sounds friends of mine recorded for in 2005, small bits to the new most poppy CD by Beequeen, setting up major parts for a more ambient pop CD by the same band (duties are divided there), mixed material for at least two and half album for The Tobacconists (and waiting for Scott’s and Mike’s comments). Wieman has a track about DJ-ing for Esc Rec, and will expand their ‘Classic’ album into a 40 minute opus for Baskaru, and a solo piece with balloon sounds for Ballon & Needle (see picture). And to be released soon is a cassette on Ultramarine Records by Pick-up, perhaps our final work?

Wouter Jaspers and me are definetly playing more concerts next year again!

Beequeen Bandcamp

Even Beequeen finally made it to bandcamp. We plan to bring you stuff you should have had a long time ago, but perhaps were afraid to get, or perhaps you forgot. The first album is a series of pretty rare pieces from compilations from the period 1989-1997…

Goem – Audio.NL

Goem –
Korm Plastics kp 3049
CD only – 200 copies
Barcode: 7 53907 98570 2

Following the succes of the Komet – Audio.NL CD, the second release to re-issue old records from the by the now legendary Audio.NL label involves the two 12” records by Goem, as well as the only 7” on that label by Goem and Jos Smolders.
Goem started out late 1995 as yet another solo project by Frans de Waard who cobbled together a demo using an ancient device called the student stimulator (a basic pulse machine) and some sound effects. Intended to be just a few tracks/one-off project, it attracted attention of his fellow band member in Kapotte Muziek, Roel Meelkop. Together they reworked the demo and the resulting recordings were released as ‘Stud Stim’, the first foreign act released on Raster-Noton. Peter Duimelinks joined shortly after that, just before Goem’s debut concert in Barcelona in June 1996. From then onwards Goem released records on Mego, Staalplaat, 12K and Noise Museum and played concerts at Sonar, Mutek, Stop Stop, Ultrahang festival but also galleries, small clubs, squats and even a camping. In 1998 they started the Audio.NL, who released up to the early 2000’s some 30 different 12” records. After 2002 Goem ended, and Frans de Waard and Roel Meelkop each released a solo record as Goem after that.

Goem’s trademark sound was a minimal, pulsating sound at first generated by the student stimulator, but later also expanded to other sampled sources, including disco records, which was fed through analogue synthesizers (Korg and Roland) and a bunch of sound effects. A highly hypnotic blend of moving, pulsating electronics, often mistaken for minimal techno, but reaching much more for the minimalist tradition of Steve Reich meeting Kraftwerk.

This CD contains their two 12”s on Audio.NL, the ‘Motormix’ by Goem, a goem remix by Jos Smolders (both from the 7”, Audio.NL 003) and two previously unreleased tracks. All remastered from the original master recordings by Jos Smolders @ Earlabs.

listen to excerpt


Alright. So much happening, never enough time to fill you in on the details. So I gave up smoking ten days ago, which is no doubt good in the long run, once I am over the insomnia and the feeling of depression. The good news is that I started something new, Modelbau. Since almost three years I have been playing concerts in which the laptop plays a smaller role than it was before with Freiband – which was entirely laptop based. But I must admit I am a bit fed up with the laptop and want to use analogue stuff more and more. In Modelbau I just want to use analogue gear, along with a fixed backing track. Hopefully a new one per concert. Here are some more things that are done within this concept: everything I do is recorded live to 2-track. No complicated multi-track pieces, but all ‘live’. Which however doesn’t mean there is nothing to edit. It will be heavily edited and collaged within the 2 track pieces. I already recorded various pieces (more than three hours in fact) of bits and bobs which I will edit into the first Modelbau album this summer. Likewise I also decided not to release any physical products as Modelbau, but instead just use the internet to release it. Don’t come banging at my door for free releases on your netlabel: its my intention to try and make a few $$ out of the download business. The first release by Modelbau is now up at Bandcamp along with an album and a (long) single by Freiband. This piece may also serve as my demo for live concerts. Ho Ho. Meeuw did a nice design of it.

I have been working hard on mixing two new LPs by The Tobacconists (I am still allowed as a member) and ignored my small input on the new Beequeen CD. I hope that changes soon. So much to do, so little time.

Back home

So I made it back home and worked my ass off to get all those things I had no time for. But it looks I’m back on track. The great news is that the tour didn’t make money, but the LP/CD is out (I still have a few to sell). Also a tour 3″CDR by The Tobacconists is still available, as well as a few copies of the Sonic Protest double CD which they released for their festival.

This sunday I will speak at the Centraal Museum in Utrecht about home taping – how did we do that in the early 80s. About cassettes, recordings and i’ll be showing a slide show of interesting letters from labels. Also I’d be selling CDs, records and tapes – all at 5 euro a piece. Only this sunday and in exchange for real money.

On may 4th I play in Brussels and although I don’t like to pure laptop concerts, I plan to perform the piece that I worked out last year as a live rendition of my LP for Ini.itu. They are from Brussels, so the perfect occasion. I post the name of venue when I know it. Its a new thing. Mecha/orga and Martiensgohome are also plaing. Its their opening night.