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Those of you who are subscribed to Vital Weekly, have read this little text below, but since I like this tape quite a bit I post it again here. I met Barry when we were recording ‘Sandancing’ and we spend a whole afternoon laying down his guitar part on ‘Breathe’. Quite a perfectionist. His tape is well made and limited to only a 100 copies. I don’t have a digital version of the cover yet…

TAPAJAWA – CRITICAL MAGIC (cassette by Beam Ends)
Devotees to the work of The Legendary Pink Dots will no doubt remember their first guitarist who went by the name Stret Majest, and who plays on such fine old works as ‘Apparition’, ‘Basilisk’, ‘The Lovers’ and some of Edward Ka-spel’s solo works. He didn’t join the band’s relocation to The Netherlands and sort of disappeared from the radar. A few years ago he guested his guitar playing on Beequeen’s ‘Sandancing’ and that relationship lingered on with Beam End’s owner Freek Kinkelaar, who now makes the circle round again, by releasing a solo cassette of Stret Majest, whose real name is Barry Gray, and prefers to be called Tapajawa. Gray plays guitars – lots of them it seems -, bass, vocals and programming. I quite like this tape, I must admit. But at the same time, its nothing for Vital Weekly. Gray bangs out rhythms from his drum machines, plays lots of guitars on top and sings his songs. Not like early Pink Dots – devotees should be warned – but, well, hell, what do I know? To me, the blind man in the world of rock music, it could be like anything from the world of rock music. I have no idea if this is highly original, the worst copy cat around, a genius at work, a third range clown. It doesn’t matter. Since I have no solid point of reference, I can only say I had genuine pleasure in this music. Maybe because its I hear so much ‘weird’ music all day, that this sounds refreshing, or simply because I like it. Nice retro cover on this, limited, cassette. (FdW)
Address: <info@beequeen.nl>


I know, I should be working hard on all sorts of things, like my own youth fantasy novel (still untitled, but already 44 pages are done), but its summer time, so always a bit slow, and I was early buying myself two birthday presents. Scream City 5 is a fanzine dedicated all things Factory and just released. I have number 4 too, and would love to get the first three issues. At the same time James Nice also published his book on Factory Records, called ‘Shadowplayers – The Rise And Fall Of Factory Records’, and obviously you know I love Factory Records. I named Korm Plastics after Factory Communications, not wanting to be called ‘Records’. The book is a great, though, in Nice’s own words ‘an accountants history’, but it sets various popular myths straight. I know there is a lot of Factory music I still haven’t heard, and a lot is crap also, but there is something about the label which I really like and that’s the sheer anarchism of it. All those mistakes, money spending – in many ways it reminds me of my years with Staalplaat, although on a much smaller scale. Anyway a great read at 400+ pages. I read Wilson took eleven different drugs on his 40th birthday. I don’t think I can top that in a few days when I turn 45. Back to my own small world.

Well, now moving to here

Recently I have been in contact with Wouter Jaspers a lot and he suggested I should have a website that ends all the various websites I have, so it would be more ‘professional’, ho-hum. He guided me through this wordpress thingy and then here it is. I still have to fill in a few blanks here and learn a bit more about how these things go, but let’s start.

Otherwise there is not much news to report. Freek is still mixing the new Beequeen with Erik Drost, I still have to finish my record for ini.itu, Scott and me are still looking for a label for the best LP ever (The Tobacconists – Smoking Is Green), still looking for gigs for Ezdanitoff (contact me right away), etc etc. Thank god its less sunny so I can finally move about again.